Can you hear the music ?
When I hear the drummer, get me in the groove When I hear the guitar, makes me want to move Can you feel the magic, floatin' in the air? Can you feel the magic? Oh, yeah Can you hear the music, can you hear the music? Can you feel the magic hangin' in the air? Can you feel the magic? Oh, yeah • The Rolling Stones (1973) •
Rock And Roll Shoes
Guitars and ringin' tones Are in my blood and in my bones Show me a bus and I'll call it home I don't wanna change I don't care where I ride I'll my feet decide Do anything but don't ask that I Hang up my rock and roll shoes Hang up my rock and roll shoes • Johnny Cash (2014) •
Our old man didn't like our appearance He said that only women wear long hair So me and my brother borrowed money from Mother We knew what we had to do We went downstairs, past the barber and gymnasium And got our arms tattooed Welcome to my life, tattoo I'm a man now, thanks to you I expect I'll regret you But the skin graft man won't get you You'l be there when I die Tattoo • The Who (1967) •
Cherry bomb
Hello, daddy. Hello, mom. I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! Hello world! I'm your wild girl. I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! • The Runaways (1976) •
The shadow knows
You can hide down in the alley With your hat pulled over your eye You can wear a wig or moustache Or any old disguise Well, you can change your name and your address Even change your style of clothes But the Shadow knows The Shadow knows • The Coasters (1958) •
Teenage kicks
Are teenage dreams so hard to beat ? • The Undertones (1978) •
This must be the place
Home is where I want to be Pick me up and turn me round I feel numb - born with a weak heart (So I) guess I must be having fun The less we say about it the better Make it up as we go along Feet on the ground Head in the sky It's ok I know nothing's wrong . . nothing • Talking Heads (1983) •
This is the end
This is the end, beautiful friend This is the end, my only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes, again • The Doors (1967) •
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